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We are completely aware of the difficult that mourning represents, and here at Elysian Fields Funerals we know the least you have to worry about is not finding a professional funeral home showing up on your search engine results when you type in “funeral homes near me”. We help you bring peace to your mind, knowing you are honouring the life and memory of your loved one who left us recently. Selecting the funeral directors that show up when you look up for “funeral homes near me” that will tailor to the last wishes they had in life, respecting their convictions, religions and beliefs.

We have over 25 years of experience in this industry, and we have helped a lot of families give their loved ones the ceremony and cremation they can expect from the leading funeral home showing up when typing in “funeral homes near me”, we proudly say we have always worked with the main aim of giving our clients a service that truly satisfies their needs.Trust Elysian Fields Funerals as your reliable funeral home when looking up “funeral homes near me”, you will receive the type of service you expect, from a professional team that offers the most supportive attitude in this difficult process.

We are here to take care of any funeral service you need from beginning to end, from the time you call us and receive specialised assistance telling you everything you need to know about our services as the funeral home you chose from all the results that show up by searching “funeral homes near me” online, to the time when your wishes are completely covered. Contact us today if you want more information about our funeral services and receive the type of treatment you need in a time like this.

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    We offer a wide range of funeral, cremation & burial services at venues across SE QLD

    Funeral services

    Funerals are an emotionally and financially draining time

    Memorial services

    Memorial Books for Funerals


    Funeral Cremations service in chapel at crematorium or venue


    Funeral Burials service in chapel at the cemetery or venue of your choice,


    Repatriation Bringing and sending loved ones home


    Funeral Exhumations


    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    COVID-19: We are monitoring the situation and adapting our services as necessary, based on the latest health information.

    Each funeral service venue has a different capacity based on indoors/outdoors and the m2 available. Contact us at any time for specific capacity. We will continue providing compassionate, personal and caring service for all of our families.