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Elysian Fields Funerals has provided Australian families with a personalised, practical and inexpensive alternative to the services expected from a funeral burying at Meadowbrook cemetery for over 25 years. Here at Elysian Fields Funerals, our main goal has always been providing families with genuine options when it comes to funeral services by making sure they turn into the best way to honour the life and memory of the deceased. We have stayed faithful to this idea to this day and dedicate our efforts to ensure families feel supported through this difficult time.

When Elysian Fields Funerals entered into the market many years ago was a time for reinvention in the funeral homes offering burials at the Meadowbrook cemetery. Australian families can now give their loved ones a personalised service that does not necessarily have to be bound to the conventional practices at most funeral homes. In order to offer people interested in burying their loved ones at Meadowbrook cemetery, we removed the constraints, redefined funerals services, and looked at funeral costs in a new light. Australians appreciated this novel strategy, which provided a genuine alternative to a costly funeral. We are here for the many Australians that want to honour the life and memory of someone who has sadly left us. We provide easy solutions to meet a variety of demands.

Trust Elysian Fields Funerals, a dedicated funeral home that has completed funerals and burials at the Meadowbrook cemetery that cover your expectations when you are looking for a personalised funeral service. Receive more detailed information about all of the services we supply as the preferred funeral home completing burials at the Meadowbrook cemetery by calling us directly. Do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists ready to assist you, they are ready 24/7, 7 days a week. We are here when you need us the most, trust Elysian Fields Funerals.

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    COVID-19: We are monitoring the situation and adapting our services as necessary, based on the latest health information.

    Each funeral service venue has a different capacity based on indoors/outdoors and the m2 available. Contact us at any time for specific capacity. We will continue providing compassionate, personal and caring service for all of our families.